Priscilla Ahn

August 15, 2008

Came across Priscilla Ahn on the excellent La Blogotheque‘s Take-Away Shows.  She has an excellent voice- simple, clear, direct and manages to effortlessly hook you in.

There are four videos that you can view or download- Dream is an acoustic version and is simply stunning- both in the sound and filming. Living In A Tree is from the same session and shows a bit more of the technical side- quite a bit of pedal work that really adds to the tunes. Are We Different and The Moon are two outdoor sessions that are quite good as well. Have a look at her official site as well for her blog- great when artists share and you can feel her enthusiasm in some of her posts…or if you watch the videos from her laugh!

Had a listen to the album A Good Day as well and there are some good tunes on there. Dream is superb- clear vocals which highlight the strength of her voice and nice string work with subtle drums. Wallflower and Red Cape are others that standout along with the last track A Good Day (Morning Song) which has some lovely sampling.

For the lazy fingers some YouTubes below…

Dream– Official and acoustic version- slightly shortened version of what is up on La Blogotheque

Dream– Fan take on the song- professionaly done and uses album version of song

Boob Song– humourous and good sound but video a bit shaky- story behind song quite good!


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