What Laura Says Thinks And Feels

August 19, 2008

Oh the names of some of the bands these days…not even sure if there should be a hyphen in the title above since it appears that What Laura Says Thinks and Feels is now called What Laura Says and the name of their re-released album is Thinks and Feels. Even their label Terpsikhore doesn’t appear to know since they are still calling them by their original name in part of their page!

Anyway- down to the music. They do have some good tunes- there are some lovely harmonies and melodies on Dot Dot Dot, One Thousand Faces and especially Pairadice which is the standout one for me. Quite a few of the tracks are just a bit too bluesy though for my liking but still worth checking out the others for the type of folktronica that they do.

You can download the track Pairadice from RcrdLbl or you can stream the first couple of minutes of some of the tunes over at CdBaby or the first few seconds of all the tunes at Amazon where you can buy it as well. Unfortunately CdBaby is out of stock which is a shame since they are one of the few that will ship internationally.

Just a taster from a live performance-

Couldn’t Lose Myself If I Tried and Wish I Could Fly


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