Back In A Bit…

August 23, 2008

I am currently enjoying the delights of Our Lady’s Hospital since the youngest has pneumonia…low level stuff thankfully especially with his previous history with MRSA.  So sleeping it rough next to his bed and having bad coffee…perfect practice for Electric Picnic next weekend though!  At least then I will have the vodka to help me through it all;-)

Did manage to get to The Cave Singers gig on Wed before all the fun started so will post that soon.  Go to their MySpace page and check out some of the tunes if you haven’t heard of them- some damn good tunes there!



  1. How’s the ickle sick’un doing? All fixed I hope!

  2. Yep- all fixed but no bionics like he wanted!! On antibiotics for another couple of weeks but at least he is out of the hospital:-)

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