Electric Picnic 2008 Running Order

August 28, 2008

Finally some reliable information! Via Jim– Quint has the info here.

The official details will be at the Electric Picnic site which has some running orders already with the rest listed as coming soon. Check out their doc section as well for all the maps.

Just for the tickle look at Jim’s 10 reasons why the Electric Picnic timetable is not yet on their website.

Now does anybody have some time on their hands to put this in Excel?? Thanks.

[Edit] Just checked Boards.ie and Loloray has been burning the midnight oil- details from Analogue that were put into an Excel sheet with some other info. Would double check it against the official one when it comes out just to be on the safe side.

[Yet another Edit]

Entertainment.ie has a nifty calculator for scheduling your gig times which can then be printed and sent as a  text to you so check it out!  I may have too many conflicts for that to work properly for me though!


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