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September 30, 2008

As always these days I am too busy and need a nudge to remember groups or tunes- Rcrd Lbl has been rather excellent of late giving me that nudge for some of the older tunes as well as all the great new music they have been putting out.   At the moment they have Unkle’s Hold My Hand, Mayday and Blade In The Back to download and they are some rather catchy tunes.

There is also a link to their official site which is very well laid out and have some excellent videos there-  evidently there was a competition for the cracking tune Restless.  Version 1 which won the competition has some brilliant animation but I think the second version is the better one and brings home the message in the song.

Restless v1

Restless v2

In my YouTube meanderings I found the videos were put up by a fan in Ireland called shivolicious who keeps an avid fan page as well.  Last YouTube is rather good with Goran Visnjic.

Burn My Shadow


Emiliana Torrini- Me And Armini Album Review

September 30, 2008

Started listening to this a few weeks back when it first came out and only getting around to it now since I found to find the time to listen to this in one go.  I had high expectations after her last album Fisherman’s Woman and had been listening to that one quite a lot recently.  I would like to say that the expectations were met but Me And Armini didn’t quite hit them all.

There are some very special songs on here but there are also some songs from different genres that just don’t seem to gel together.  The better tunes are the more acoustic ones with just her voice and a guitar but there are a few tunes where it sounds like an inexpensive keyboard instead of a band and I found this rather distracting.

Just a few thoughts on each song as I was listening to it on the way into work…

Fireheads-okbut a bit too hmmm.

Me and Armini– a bit too jazzy and backing music really trite.

Birds– now that’s like it- theres that Voice with subtle guitar.

Heard It All Before– hmm yes I think I have heard it all before. Great voice- kind of Bjorkish sounding tune.  Return of computer generated beats as before but ends up ok.

Ha Ha– back to guitar and lovely voice.

Big Jumps– subtle beats and a bit less computer. Good syncopation with voice.

Jungle Drum– great beats and a boppy song. Distortion sounds add to it.

Hold Heart– excellent!  Voice and a bit of Spanish guitar. Short but one of the best.

Gun– great start but doesn’t really get going.

Beggars Prayer– quiet and really good. Good sweet harmonies.

Dead Duck– good distortion and more instrumental. Good song.

Bleeder– soft voice and subtle stings- nearly a lullaby. Lovely!

I have to say that she really knows how to end albums…the problem being that I still had Serenade (which ended her last album) going through my head after listening to the album.

Beggars Bush have put up a three part YouTube about the making of the album so have a gander-


Electric Picnic 2009- Early Bird Tickets

September 30, 2008

The early bird time is upon us again and even earlier than last year I think- same price as 2008 though at €199 and available from the 10th of October from Ticketmaster.

I would advise getting them now even without a lineup since I have never been to an Electric Picnic that has disappointed.  The extra 40 or so that you will be saving could go towards the drink or a special pair of sunglasses since the weather is going to be fabulous of course…yes positive thinking from the outset!


Anna Ternheim- Free Download

September 29, 2008

Head on over to Anna Terneim’s official page to download the acoustic version of her new single What Have I Done- you will have to sign up to the mailing list but well worth it.


Indiecater Volume 2

September 28, 2008

Finally getting around to this- have been listening to the different tunes in the second compilation, Indiecater v2, from mp3hugger for the last few weeks but work has just been melting my head so not blogging much at all about new tunes.

Another great compilation but this time round it is of artists that have already released tracks- so I have heard some of them before and even been to a couple of the groups gigs but there were some surprises on there as well.  As with the last one the running order is nicely done- not as ecstatically happy as I was with the last one but I think that is down to knowing some of the tunes in the running order on the original cds and that was making me think of other songs at the same time.

So again just a few thoughts on each track…

Montag- Going Places– nice startsampling with a good beat and good voice

Ned Collete- The Country With A Smile– nice continuation with some similar beats and synth

The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock- In Country Dark– great song and best from their album.  Excellent voice and nice pickup…I couldn’t get the moronic smile that the drummer had on his face during the gig though!

Mumblin’ Deaf Ro- What’s To Be Done With El Salvador– some toe tapping beats with a great voice and vibe.

AM Syndicate- To The Peasants Of The Emperor– great beats and background ambient darkness balanced by lightness of great voice, guitar and bell.  Soaring voice and great bit at middle where drums really kick in.

Eagle Seagull- I’m Sorry But I’m Beginning To Hate Your Face– great beat with a high regester voice and reminds me of somebody.  Great song and like the way it was constructed.

The Van Allen Belt- The Status Quo (A Line Dance)-first female voice which is stong and vibrant. Big sound with loads of voices.

The Very Most- Good Fight Fighting– great harmony and sun shiny vibe.  Mostly guy singing but also great female as well. Short but good.

Venice Is Sinking- Pulaski Heights– guitar reverb start then beats. Good atmospheric song.

The Ruby Suns- There Are Birds– electro darkness- female harmonies in reverb…mmmmm.

Altogether another great one and all for less than a price of a vodka in a pub so go and buy it now!


What Bon Iver Likes

September 28, 2008

Noticed this from the man of the moment Bon Iver– a post on La Blogotheque with his choice of tunes.  I always think it’s great when you have a chance to find out what tunes musicians themselves have been listening to and what influences they have.  Was surprised what he said about The Bowerbirds and their Olive Hearts song….

It was when I was living in North Carolina so it must have been in early 2006. I’d never met them before, all the songs blew my mind. But that song, I went home, and that was the first time i thought about quitting music. Yeah, it really was, I really wasn’t sure I could do it anymore, because that song was so good. I thought what I saw that night just may be better than anything I could ever do.

Just as well he didn’t give up- two shows here over the next few months so hopefully I will get to one of them.

The Bowerbirds- Olive Hearts


The Sleeping Years and The Bowerbirds- Crawdaddy Sept 08

September 28, 2008

Was in a bit of a strange situation Friday night in that I didn’t have a ticket for any gig and actually had a choice of where to go.  It has been a head wrecking sort of week and thought about going to Adebisi Shank who has a great post rock that I love but I just didn’t think my head was in the right place and that I wouldn’t have the energy for the sweltering masses.  So I went up to Crawdaddy and after seeing NOBODY outside I went in for a quick drink in The Odeon to rethink but thankfully there were a few people about when I came out.  I don’t mind going to gigs by myself but am beginning to dread the really quiet ones where the band has a great reputation and tunes and yet nobody turns up for them- you feel like you should be buying multiple copies of their cds just so they break even for hopping across the water!

Anyway- onto the tunes

The Sleeping Years were on first and I was quiet surprised- I thought it was only going to be a guy with a guitar but my heart skipped a beat when I saw a woman come out and take up the cello.  The oboe and cello are two instruments that will have me hooked in a heartbeat and I think their inclusion in any music is a bonus.  The guy is Dale and what an excellent voice he has- a bit lighter and less husky than quite a few of the other singer songwriters I have been listening to of late and really just a pleasure to listen to.   There were quite a few around to hear them which is great for the first act and amazingly they were quiet which was excellent so you could hear every nuance.

The Bowerbirds were up straight after- have been seeing their name in the blogosphere quite a bit of late but with all the other music recently I only had time to listen to their tunes a few times.   They apologized for their lack of a proper drum- in its place they had a small blue plastic bin with wheels which it turns out did the job quite nicely for the majority of their songs.  The only time they had to stop was at the last song since he it was just creating a bad vibe for the lead singer Phil- at that stage I was picking up some extra vibrations which I think were coming from the wheels.  Great playing by Beth and Mark on the bin anyway along with Phil on the guitar.

I don’t remember all the tunes that they played but they did start with the excellent Dark Horse and end with In Our Talons.  They didn’t have a set list themselves so they were really just picking what they wanted to.  They had Olive Heart in there as well as two new ones- Bleed(s?) is the only name I remember though and is a good tune. I have to say that While the lead Mark has a great voice it is when Beth and Mark join in and they hit the harmonies that the group really shines.  Unfortunately not every song has the harmonies and some of the tunes were a bit on the slow side so they lost part of the audience towards the end and the chatter started.

A great set though all in all and if you want to check out their tunes you can stream them from their official site.  You should also check out their Take Away Session over at the excellent La Blogotheque where you can view/download them.  Great video over at Pitchfork as well for In Our Talons- YouTube of it below.

The Sleeping Years- Setting Fire To Sleepy Towns– music kicks in after about 30 secs

The Bowerbirds- In Our Talons