Electric Picnic 2008- The Aftermath…

September 2, 2008

Oh dear god what a good weekend- I am still exhausted and even on the Tuesday am finding it a struggle in work- legs are still like lead and the body is getting its blood supply back after being temporarily replaced with vodka for the weekend. As somebody with parental duties this is the only festival I can seem to fit in and by god I attack it with full force!

Another great year with lots of good music which I will detail in the following post. Spent the days running around to all the different groups and the nights dancing the legs off me with the friends. Excellent vibe as well with something around every corner- the bingo in thisispopbaby , the fires at Arcadia that I burned me bum dancing next to, the excellent djs in Pussy Parlure, the impromptu entertainment in Fossetts when the sound went….ahhh lots of good little moments this year. Ran into quite a few people I haven’t seen in a while so it was all good.

Only downsides was the lashing of rain on Sunday night right before the (slowly) burning tower went up and getting completely soaked on the way back to the tent…even found some nomads under the gazebo where they were taking refuge until the deluge stopped. Getting out was nightmarish- two hours without moving and only for a farmer in the next field over opening a gate to the road were we able to escape to blessed freedom.

Overall one of the better Picnics I have been too…am just thankful it is only once a year with the recovery taking so long!



  1. ‘There’s too much blood in my alcohol stream!’

    Tee hee hee

  2. Ohh dear god thats what it was like…worked perfect for Dan Deacon though! Kind of kept me limber so these old bones wouldn’t feel the pain…until Tuesday morn that is!

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