The Cave Singers- Crawdaddy Aug 08

September 5, 2008

Had an unexpected free night and not knowing much of their music had a listen to the Daytrotter sessions which definitely convinced me these were a band that had to be heard live. What made it even better is that I got some free tickets but then had the usual problem of trying to find somebody who was available in the space of three hours!

The Mighty Stef were supporting which I happened to notice beforehand since I crossed the road with them and their guitars and amp in tow. Have to say though that I have never been a huge fan of Stef- he has some good tunes but just a bit too country/shanty for my liking. Saying that he has a great voice and the first and last tunes he did were very good. As he describes themselves they ‘re just three boys up on a stage giving it a go’… and you have to give them credit for that.

The Cave Singers came on and one of the first things I noticed was the quietness of the audience- doesn’t happen much these days! There was not much banter from the guys to begin with and they actually commented on how quiet we were. There was some great banter from them later on though- and I especially love the experiment they were conducting with whiskey- they thought that 8 shots is just the right number- debating on 7 or 9 but that 8 felt just right since his legs felt like octopus legs.

Their first song Helen started off with a great bass line- it took a bit for his voice to warm up but this is a great song. His singing voice is actually quite fragile which doesn’t come across at all when he is speaking.

The next few tunes were a bit darker than I thought but having only listened to their more acoustic Daytrotter tunes it turned out be a good thing. Bass was excellent and drumming great- which was attested by the boogie babe who never stopped moving in front of me. They then had a few of their softer tunes and all three sat down at the front with their guitars- not sure of the exact tunes since I only listened to their cd a couple of days later but some very good ones indeed.

Seeds of Night was definitely played at some stage and there was a glorious song with a washboard which could have been Carry On Home (not on cd and listed as Untitled on Daytrotter).

Their last song was Dancing On Our Graves- an excellent tune which will definitely get you moving…boogie babe was nearly jumping out of her skin! They came back on for an encore and played a couple more quiet ones which ended the evening on just the right note.

The group have a blog here which is worth checking out- always good to hear from a band without all the PR hype.

Dancing On Our Graves



  1. Like that tune. Thanks man. Will check them out some more now.

  2. Aye- catchy stuff- let me know if you cant find the cd!

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