Ane Brun- New Album Sketches

September 7, 2008

Bulletin from Ane Brun– new album called Sketches which contains different versions of her songs on Changing of the Seasons.  No Dublin dates for her latest tour unfortunately.

New Album “Sketches”

This Tuesday 2/9 Ane Brun’s new record “Sketches” will be released exclusively through Klicktrack. com.
The album contains demo versions of the songs on Ane Brun’s latest studio album “Changing of the Seasons”.The songs are mostly performed with voice and guitar, or voice and piano. We are excited to release these versions, as they have something different. The simplicity of the production, and also the presence in the performance when recording a song for the first time adds something to it.

In fact, if you see Ane at one of her solo-show’s, this would be more or less the way she would play those songs!

Furthermore “Sketches” presents two brand new tracks: “Miss Moaning” and “My baby..s Arms”! Both songs are favorites of Ane, but did’nt fit the context of her latest album “Changing of the Seasons”.
Now, we are happy to be able to present them to all you listeners!

Note! “Sketches” is released exclusively on Klicktrack, but is also available on Ane’s own mp3 shop right here on www. anebrun. com, such as her Myspace.

The album is released on Ane Brun’s label
Balloon Ranger/DetErMine records, 2008.

GET THE ALBUM HERE: www. klicktrack. com

Get all info on Ane at:
www. anebrun. com
www. myspace. com/anebrun
www. ilike. com

Just a YouTube for the excellent Treehouse Song from Changing Of The Seasons


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