Ponytail- Whelans Sept 08

September 12, 2008

I have to begin saying that Foggy Notions really know how to put some great and different groups together. Missed having their name associated with a tent at Electric Picnic this year since I heard so many good groups there last year.

Was waiting for a mate in Whelan’s the pub when the first group Gentle Friendly came on- so couldn’t really hear their tunes but I do know they were loud and rocking!

So came around into the venue side just in time for The Vinny Club and a quick hello to Aoife who’s show is where I first heard his tunes. I had never seen the persona behind them though so just a wee bit of a surprise there…a muscle shirt and a painted face and a massive black wig covering up his head so he reminded me of Cousin Itt out of the Addams family. While there is not much to playing his tunes live since they are all on a laptop and there are no visuals he does make up for it by interacting with the crowd. Getting a gig-goer to come up on stage and play the Guitar Hero joystick is an excellent idea and the Robot train was definitely amusing! Like the Rocky Balboa speech that was thrown in there as well.

Rarely Seen Above Ground was on next and had no idea what to expect. Was pleasantly surprised by just a drummer with a virtual band in some rather excellent visuals running behind him. Some cracking tunes and he is a great drummer that certainly keeps the vibe going- great to see an empty keg used for percussion as well. I am not sure how the vibe will translate to cd though and not sure if seeing him a second time would be any different with the set being so tied into the timing on the visuals.

Ponytail were then up and they launched straight into it- delightful discordance is the best way to describe their sound! They have some rather excellent tunes that really just get me moving- the lead Molly doesn’t particular sing but purrs and screams her way through the songs. There is just something about her voice though that resonates and combined with the excellent playing from the others creates an intense wall of noise that just has to be experienced. At some stages the sound is intense and you feel like you have been sucked into a black hole where you are just on the edge of imploding…yeah excellent stuff! Her performance also has to be witnessed for the way she sings…when she first started it looked like she was going into an epileptic fit with her eyes going into the back of her head. Would not be everybodies cup of tea (as the three girls in front of me would attest to) but was a great set- just disappointed that they couldn’t stay on for longer.

Had a quick chat with Niall at the end of the night and you can check out some of his snaps and video or head over to State for his interview with them and one of their tracks.


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