Matt Bauer- The Island Moved In The Storm

September 21, 2008

Finally getting around to this post- have been listening to this for the last few weeks but so damn busy not much time for posting about anything!

Matt Bauer has a great delicate voice and the backing females are simply stupendous-  the instrumentation is excellent as well and gives the tunes a nice and dark atmospheric quality to it.  The album itself is based on a story that happened around where he grew up and while you don’t need to listen to the songs in a linear fashion it may make more sense.

It starts off with the nice and soft Sheltering Dark and followed by Barn Owl which really gets your attention with the lovely female accompaniment and strings.  The next two tracks are the real standouts for me:  Don’t Let Me Out is really exquisite with some dark lyrics and Rose And Vine is just simply superb with the horns, xylophone and banjo.

There other tracks that grabbed my attention were Blacksnake in the Carport, The Island Moved In The Storm, Foxgloves and Old Kimball which while all different show different aspects of his voice.

At the moment he is touring the States but will be getting over to this side of the world later in the year- not sure if he is actually going to hit Dublin but getting a personalised response from a MySpace mail is refreshing!  Go here to buy it!

Barn Owl– great video by Jenn Myers


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  1. […] The majority of the set was from To Be Still but they started with a new tune which was unfortunately a false start with some loud rumbling sounds from the guitar.  Once that was sorted they continued with the tune and moved onto Tired Feet from the first album which sounded good with the simplicity of the guitar and their harmonies.  They were then joined by Alela’s father on guitar (and mandolin), an Appalachian hatted drummer, and a bassist with a 70’s fashion statement- it would have been great if Matt Bauer was touring with her as he did quite a bit of the backing work on her album before going off and doing his own (mentioned here). […]

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