Shearwater- Whelans September 08

September 21, 2008

Another last minute free night so had a chance to catch Shearwater in Whelans and very glad that I did.

Met a mate and left the hopping bar to go in the venue and I have to say it was a bit on the sparse side for a Friday night and for once it was difficult to hear the bands on occasion with the bar being louder.

There was an excellent support group on- some good post-rock grumblings and rumblings with an excellent drone but didn’t catch their name and I didn’t see it on any of the posters.  All I had to go on was the lead was a cute small girl- I did notice that there was a redhead up at the front which would come in handy later.  When I was checking out the gig in LastFm it turns out she was Redheadwalking and as she didn’t know either she was going to check it out for me.  As is happens I found out through the connectedness of MySpace- I had left a comment on Shearwaters site and next thing I know I have a friend request from Katie Kim who was the support!  Some good tunes up there so check her out.

Shearwater then came on and while I am not sure of the exact order of the tunes the majority seemed to be from their latest release Rook.  I do know they started with the very quiet South Col- I am not sure what they call the instrument that makes the high pitched sounds but I am always delighted when I see unusual instruments during a live gig.

The lead Jonathan Meiburg has a great powerful voice and quite excellent when he hits that falsetto with the same power.  On The Death Of Waters and Leviathan Bound really show this off and the excellent Rooks with another unusual instrument really show how good these guys are live.  For some songs I do wish they were just a tad bit longer- the exception being Snow Leopard which had a great jam.

For the encore they did a Talk Talk cover of Desire (?) [have been corrected and it was The Rainbow]- something the mate is never going to forget since he is a massive fan.  Have to say a lot of Talk Talk tunes are under my radar but will try to fix that soon.

Stayed in the venue for a bit then since the dj had a few good tunes in between some rather insipid ones- didn’t think that I would ever hear Sigur Ros in Whelans!

And just in case she is reading-

MissVeryCuteBrunetteRedShoesSkirtDrinkingWhiteWine who was playing eye hockey with me- I was going to come over and talk to you but the dj put on LCD Soundsystem which works as a kill switch in me and the beats just take over the legs.  A real shame though since when it was over you were gone- but I shall remember that smile and I hope to see it again soon!


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