Indiecater Volume 2

September 28, 2008

Finally getting around to this- have been listening to the different tunes in the second compilation, Indiecater v2, from mp3hugger for the last few weeks but work has just been melting my head so not blogging much at all about new tunes.

Another great compilation but this time round it is of artists that have already released tracks- so I have heard some of them before and even been to a couple of the groups gigs but there were some surprises on there as well.  As with the last one the running order is nicely done- not as ecstatically happy as I was with the last one but I think that is down to knowing some of the tunes in the running order on the original cds and that was making me think of other songs at the same time.

So again just a few thoughts on each track…

Montag- Going Places– nice startsampling with a good beat and good voice

Ned Collete- The Country With A Smile– nice continuation with some similar beats and synth

The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock- In Country Dark– great song and best from their album.  Excellent voice and nice pickup…I couldn’t get the moronic smile that the drummer had on his face during the gig though!

Mumblin’ Deaf Ro- What’s To Be Done With El Salvador– some toe tapping beats with a great voice and vibe.

AM Syndicate- To The Peasants Of The Emperor– great beats and background ambient darkness balanced by lightness of great voice, guitar and bell.  Soaring voice and great bit at middle where drums really kick in.

Eagle Seagull- I’m Sorry But I’m Beginning To Hate Your Face– great beat with a high regester voice and reminds me of somebody.  Great song and like the way it was constructed.

The Van Allen Belt- The Status Quo (A Line Dance)-first female voice which is stong and vibrant. Big sound with loads of voices.

The Very Most- Good Fight Fighting– great harmony and sun shiny vibe.  Mostly guy singing but also great female as well. Short but good.

Venice Is Sinking- Pulaski Heights– guitar reverb start then beats. Good atmospheric song.

The Ruby Suns- There Are Birds– electro darkness- female harmonies in reverb…mmmmm.

Altogether another great one and all for less than a price of a vodka in a pub so go and buy it now!



  1. Shit, you’ve just reminded me that I promised to do a half-arsed review of the second half of the album. He’s an industrious bugger that MP3 Hugger.

  2. Hey Matt- yeah certainly industrious with a couple of posts every night and now the Indiecaters, the rediscovered gems, the Christmas project…probably something else down the line as well! Look forward to seeing your half arsed review of the second part- had you in Google Reader after your Lisa Hannigan post about her Road gig:-)

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