Google Results- WTF?!

October 1, 2008

Right- its great when the blog comes up high in Google as sometimes it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that somebody loves you and it does give you hits whether it is relevant to what the person is looking for or not. However sometimes it is just damn annoying when I am looking for something myself and the blog comes up!

I can understand sometimes as with Electric Picnic since I had quite a few posts on it but today I was looking for a gig from Zeigeist that was suppose to be in Dublin on the 15th of November at the Pod complex. When I google ‘zeigeist tour dublin‘ there is one of my posts coming up second…not a post on Zeigeist however but a post on The Ting Tings!! A WTF moment really as it has no relevance whatsoever…even the post I did on Zeigeist’s album isn’t coming up!

Argghh and still can’t find out what happened to this gig- still on their official page for Dublin but not in Ticketmasters or The Pods site and blocked in work from MySpace. Maybe feeling like this since I am still sick with this stomach bug but just fuck it all.


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