Amanda Palmer- Who Killed Amanda Palmer?

October 5, 2008

Ah what a delight this album was and and raging that I wasn’t able to see her when she was in town.  Amanda Palmer is delightfully melodramatic and the layout of the album is rather like a musical that will sweep you away and get you caught up in the wave so that you feel every high and low.  Her voice is superb with the husky edge and the lyrics are just smart and snappy.  A great band on the album as well with what sometimes sounds like a full orchestra with all the instruments that are there.

I really got caught up with this album though and simply had to do some investigating- her official site has tons of information and media- the best being the short film that you can view (albeit broken up) in YouTubes of the first part of her album.  Make sure you watch them in running order and hopefully they will put up the full film soon.   There is also a history of recording the album…and I mean the whole history- by god there is a lot of information there but with all the pictures to boot you feel like you were there.  Just in case that is not enough for you checkout the great blog over at MySpace- THE WHO KILLED AMANDA PALMER STAGE SHOW: AN INTRODUCTION.  Man is she one passionate creature!

Anyway- eventually getting to the tunes- there are so many standout ones that I am just going to go through them all.

Astronauts is an excellent start- great beats and eloquence with some different instruments which carries straight into Runs In The Family which has lovely dark lyrics and syncopation with her voice.  Ampersand is a bit quieter with just the piano to start with and the strings kicking in later.  Leeds United is just brilliant pick up with a cabaret feel and some great horns!  Blake Says shows the sweeter side of her voice with just the keyboard and the strings kicking in later again.

Strength Through Music is an interesting one- unusual start with the mans voice but it turns into a really sublime tune.  Guitar Hero picks up the pace again- starts with whispers but damn it is excellent when her voice kicks in.  Have To Drive has a simple enough start with the piano and strings but then there are some great beats and a choir like ending-wow!

What’s The Use Of Wonderin really shows off yet another side of Amanda’s talent altogether- a clear voice but she also sings in minor keys!  At first you might think that she is off key but then when you realize that she is doing it on purpose- I know your voice can be an instrument but damn you don’t hear that done often!  Great accompaniment with the xylophone and second female as well. 

Oasis is just the funniest song I have heard in a while- how many other artists could sing of drinking/rape/abortion and give you a smile on your face?  Only Hello Saferide! that I can think of with some equally smart lyrics.  Great ending to the album then with two quieter numbers- The Point Of It All and Another Year– piano and strings again and a little bit slower to end it on a nice vibe.

Anyway- if you have made it this far down after all the enthusing…




  1. You should also check out her Dresden Dolls work too!

  2. Oh aye I know some of her work there- from reading her own blurbs though she wanted to create this album outside of Dresden Dolls so didn’t want to comment on her previous tunes!

  3. […] love to post a YouTube as a quick reminder but I noticed that the ones I had put in my previous post had been taken down due to copyright claims.  The legal eagles seem to be very quick off the mark […]

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