Bodies of Water- Whelans Oct 08

October 10, 2008

First time I have been to Whelans on a Monday and if it weren’t for the stone man at the bar I would have been wondering if I had the right place- what were tables and chairs doing in the middle of the floor? Not a Whelans vibe at all and the few hipsters standing around were looking in equal disdain- this is Whelans we will stand! The crowd was a bit on the sparse side but it was a Monday gig after all.

I knew that some of the audience looked familiar and wasn’t surprised when they went on stage…it wasn’t until I heard the lead sing his first note that it was the Gorgeous Colours who I caught a while back at a Phantom night. They have a really good sound and the lead has a wonderfully distinctive voice- deep and impelling with really adds to the vibe of the band. Don’t think they have released anything new since I last heard them but their tunes are still great.

When they were on I noticed the lead singer from Bodies of Water, Meredith, out in the audience enjoying the tunes and she was joined by some of the other band members.  I know I have said this before but I think its great when the main act make the effort to actually see their support…and even better when they are visible bopping away to them!

Bodies of Water (Bodies of Jesus as they were christened by the forgetful Gorgeous Colours lead) came on shortly after with a slightly different setup than I was expecting- it had been a while since I had listened to their tunes and thought there was only four band members- turns out their former drummer left before the tour started so a new drummer and a lovely woman on guitar/violin.

I  can’t remember the exact running order but all my favourites were there- Under the Pines, Gold Peach Tan And Grey, Doves Circle The Sky, We’ll Forget This Sound. They really create excellent harmonies and a joyous sound much louder than the five members.  Sometimes the music itself is not as technical as other groups I listen to but there is just something about it that puts a smile on my face.

During the performance I have to say that my eyes were on the females- Meredith had on just a black leotard  (by god is she skinny!) and the guitarist/violinist Julie had this come hither look which was really hard to ignore.  They are damn nice people to boot- when I went up to get a cd it took about 20 mins…there were only two people ahead of me but they were having a good old chinwag and while I was waiting I had a good chat with the bassist Kyle.

Anyway, you can head over to Rcrd Lbl to download a couple of their tunes, Pitchfork for yet another or you can catch some of their tunes over at their Daytrotter session. If you like what you hear head over to Secretly Canadian and buy buy buy!


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