Juana Molina- Crawdaddy Oct 08

October 10, 2008

What is it with venues this week- are they trying to tell me that I am old? When I went into Crawdaddy they had tables and chairs out- this is the same place were there was a crowd mosh for Dan Le Sac vs Scroobious Pip! Although I have to admit that after all the walking I did yesterday that it is not really a complaint and I didn’t have any hipster pretensions so nabbed a seat!

Gareth Dickson had already started when I went in- the reason I didn’t know he was playing from outside is that he has the quietest yet most excellent finger plucking on a guitar that I have heard in a long time. Really low lyrics on some of the songs but what really showed his skill was the ancient song that was originally written for the harp. He had a good repartee with the audience as well and was apologising in advance in case he screwed up and we wouldn’t let him back in the country…definitely don’t think that is ever going to be a problem for him. 
[EDIT-thanks to Crawdaddy/HodgesFiggis Girl for reminding me to look him up!]

Juana Molina was up fairly quick afterwards and what can I say about her music except WOW!  There is not many tunes that can transport me to a different place and she has some of the most hypnotic music that I have heard in a while.  The looping, re-looping and re-looping yet again of her sublime voice and some of the instruments creates something magical.

The keyboards and synth create a dark ambient vibe that is superbly complimented by the the subtle drumming and bass guitar…and best of all is that almost all of her tunes are deliciously long.  The bonus of seeing her live is that you get to hear the beginning of the loops which aren’t always done on the cd.  The fact that she sings in Spanish is no factor at all even if I don’t understand a word- such a sweet yet strong voice that is just captivating.

On my way up to heaven (yeah presumptious!) these are the tunes that I want playing…not only because they are that good but I want the angels to be hypnotized by them so that they will drop me down to earth for another go!

The encore had something of note as well- it looked like they were going to play the shell game with the  three cups they had on the table.  What they did play was a type of persussion game that was great to watch and very well timed- not something you would want as a drinking game!

There is a YouTube below for you one-clickers but do check out her official site and the page for the new album where you can get a free download of Un Dia.

Un Dia


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