The Dinner of Wistful Reminiscence

October 16, 2008

Have been tagged with a meme from Sinead and finally getting around to it…

The Rules:

  • Pick 8 people you’d like to invite to dinner, dead or alive or re-animated / resurrected.
  • Say why
  • Link your answers back to HERE
  • Give credit to the person who tagged you
  • Tag three others

Have been thinking of my different studies of late and in a documentary frame of mind so some of the people that popped into the head wouldn’t be the ones that I would have thought of otherwise. It’s hard to imagine all 8 sitting around the table being so diverse; half being more historical and the other half from cinema but I think there would be some interesting conversations and a fair bit of reminiscing…some good wine would help of course! Funnily enough I thought I would have to cut back on the females since I am usually in the company of woman as Idontdofootballtalkatall!- however it was the other way around for once.

Robert McNamara– the man that was in the thick of policy analysis at a pivotal period of time in the US Administration and thankfully seemed to have his head screwed on unlike some of the politicians he served. Would be great to hear the history behind the history and for the simple fact he reminds me of my grandfather.

Philippe Petit– the wirewalker- after seeing him in Man on Wire I don’t think it wouldn’t matter what the subject of conversation was- he is so damn enthusiastic that he would certainly add some animation to the dinner!

Well hell while I am at it my grandfather, Francis Xavier, he passed away when I was 5 and my memories are of his voice, horn rim glasses and the fact that he burnt my wooden toy truck in the oven when trying to get it dry. Extremely intelligent man if common sense escaped him sometimes. Yale, Golden Gloves and Rhodes Scholar if what my father says is to be believed (my father embellishes so sometimes not) Imagine he would have a few interesting stories from the US Administration as well but from a different angle as he was in the Atomic Energy Commission.

Salmon Rushdie– talk about embellishment- this man is a master but maybe I would like his younger version rather than the current one since he has lost some of his flourish from his earlier works.

Krzysztof Kieslowski– not only did he have one of the best directing eyes I have seen but after hearing him talk in one of his rare interviews he has a depth that is hard to measure.

Irène Jacob– well what can I say- beautiful and she has the ability to reduce me to tears in my favourite Kieslowski film La Double vie de Véronique- just watch it and you will understand. Not that I would want to be misty eyed at dinner but she would be a pure delight.

Cate Blanchett– the sound of her voice alone is enough to have me in raptures so the conversation wouldn’t quite matter as long as she said something! Another Kieslowski tie in as she was in Heaven- one of Kieslowski’s last screenplays…and in the second of his last, L’Enfer…

Emmanuelle Béart– quite a few different films I have loved her in- stunningly beautiful and quite controversial in the press for being so outspoken. She would certainly put some the others in their place if they got a bit full of themselves!

Most of the people that I would tag in return have already been slapped with this one…so will tag Luncheon Roll, Two Wheels On My Wagon and one I have only started following That Was My Veil. No pressure since everybody is taking their time over this one!



  1. I love how you included your grandfather in your list. I’d sacrifice having dinner with every one of mine listed, just to have dinner with my own father’s father one last time.

  2. Hey Sinead- I can understand why you would:-) Very vivid memories of mine even if I was only 5…just wish I could have talked with him about something more philosophical than toys!

  3. Oooh, this has just been added to my to do list…by sheer chance did I happen to notice I’d been tagged though…a lazy tagger you be, man. Thank you for reading my ramblings…I’ve only just learned of your interest, can I ask from where you found me?!

  4. Sorry, actually, memory of a gnat, me.

  5. Ha- yeah Ms Frames I don’t want to slap people too hard with the tags at first…if they don’t notice though I will start up a denial of service attack until they do the meme;-) Although that might be an empty threat since it would just increase the stats and most bloggers would be ecstatic!

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