Chad VanGaalen- Soft Airplane

October 17, 2008

Chad VanGaalen is one of the guys that I had lost in the shuffle …when I checked back through my various sources to remember exactly where I had heard him first it was surprisingly at Sub Pop where I had downloaded a few tracks but somehow forgot about them in the flurry.  It was was With Indian Love’s post that had reminded me of him…and when I did a search in my Google Reader I also realised that State, Thanks Captain Obvious, 5 Acts and Pitchfork had also posted about him so this guy is getting some coverage!

All of the tracks on his new album Soft Airplane have dark lyrics with some great sampling but there are quite a few standouts that have a great ambient vibe.   Willow Tree has simple instrumentation and a clear high pitched voice that belays the darkness and Cries Of The Dead has some simple beats which then fill out and becomes quite an infectious tune.  It’s two tracks a bit further on that will get your attention though- TMNT Mask is quite stunning with the electro beats and his almost ethereal voice which is followed by the excellent Molten Light which is more acoustic but equally as stunning.

There are a few tracks where the electro sounds and scuzzy guitar overshadow his voice and I think they are the weaker for it- it is his voice that is going to catch you so hopefully it will be more predominant in his gigs.  Will find out soon enough since he is going to be in Crawdaddy on the 29th of Nov!

You can head over to Sub Pop to get a few of his older tunes along with the new Willow Tree- make sure you check out the excellent Clinically Dead- cracking tune.



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  1. […] be writing a review of his album “Soft Airplane” on my review blog which is http://mwmusic.wordpress.com/ Possibly related posts: […]

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