Indiecater- Sunbear

October 17, 2008

Finally getting around to the mail from mp3hugger– he has released an lp by the Irish band Sunbear over at his Indiecater site:

Sunbear only released 1 LP (and a number of EP’s) but it was a classic. The thing was not many people got to hear it in 1994, when it was originally released, as there were only 1,000 copies ever made. This despite being stalwarts on the seminal ‘No Disco’ programme. Now as part of our ongoing mission to release long deleted classics indiecater has made Sunbear available for download for a recessionary-proof price of €3.50 (no 1% or 2% levies!!!).

Haven’t had a chance to listen to the whole thing yet but the sound is good- wasn’t really in the Dublin music scene back in 94 so a great way for me to catch up on what was going on!  So go here and download away- cheaper yet again than a vodka with the publicans price increases!!


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