Resonant Frequency

October 17, 2008

I don’t often really read all the text over at Pitchfork but this article by Mark Richardson caught my eye since there were quite a few groups mentioned that I have been listening to over the last couple of months.

He has written quite what I have been feeling of late about the artists voices as opposed to their instrumentation or vibe.  I have always put a huge value on whether a voice resonates with me regardless of the type of music it is- Karen O might be screaming a good bit more than Aimee Mann but there is still something that would resonates with both.

Which is why on first listen I wasn’t enamoured with Bon Iver but yet within all the noise of Ponytail I loved Molly Siegels non-singing and Juana Molina’s hypnotic effect with all the loops of her voice get me on every listen.   Some other good groups mentioned in the article so check it out!


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