Mungo Park (United)

October 20, 2008

Another MySpace friend request that turned out to be pretty good-

Mungo Park (United) are listed as coming from Montreal, Paris, and errr Kansas City- not sure what type of sound Kansas City would have but it is the definitely the gallic-ness of their music that comes through  thankfully.  Came across them a while back and at the time they had all of the tracks in their player available for free downloads- not sure if this is still the case but they are well worth the listen.

They do love their colourful language as can be heard in Ankara F Club- a good tune with a nice beat but the singing is a bit undefined.  Dreamers Blood Transfusion has some good beats as well and a mix of genres that will keep you guessing where the tune is going which is always a good thing.  I have to say Miss Landingham Saved My President is one of my favourites though- closer to math rock with the syncopation and changes in rhythm even if the vocals don’t quite match up at all points of the tune.  There is also a good cover of Sufjan Steven’s Chicago with some very good vocals.

Alas no YouTubes for the one clickers so check out their MySpace.


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