Jong Pang And Eksi Ekso

October 21, 2008

Digging deep now in the drafts clearout…thankfully getting to the end of the music ones- quite a few cinematic ones still there though!

Jong Pang

What a mix- dance inspired ambient vibe with driving beats and female vocals in the harmonies- hot damn!  Small Cut Sensations is really damn catchy.  First came across them at Rcrd Lbl where they still have some tracks to download.

Alas there are no YouTubes for the one-clickers so get thee to Rcrd Lbl.

Eksi Ekso

First heard them over at Obscure Sound and surprisingly none of the other regular sites in the feed reader have picked up on them. Usually when I do a search in Google Reader there is a multitude of posts by the regulars. Anyway- what a great sound!  Slow burning post rock type vibe with ambient lyrics and lovely long musical jams with rock and classical instruments- nice indeed.

O’God, They’ve Frozen


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