Pivot- Whelans Oct 08

October 23, 2008

Is Whelans on a new kick to make sure the gigs start on time? Not a complaint believe me!

Got up there just at half 8 and before the ice could even settle in the vodka Halfset were taking the stage. Surprised that they had four members since I thought they were only a twosome but four is a good thing and really expands their sound. Great ambient tunes with some really good drumming but I think that the keyboards are what make the tunes…and it also helps that the keyboardist is stunning . There was a Flyer Girl going around with some details for another gig of theirs on Friday at the Morrison– they are definitely worth checking out!

Pivot came on in the same setup I remember from Electric Picnic- it has to be said though that when I saw them at EP I was well and truly oiled by that stage so while I remember some of their tunes I only really remember that they had a great vibe. That was the first time I had heard them though and have been listening to their album every now and again…even been replacing Battles a bit since they have the same math rock tunes going but a bit groovier.

They had a great set last night and with them only having the one Warp album all the favourites were there- Sing You Sinners, Sweet Memory, Nothing Hurts Machine and of course their storming title track O Soundtrack My Heart. It was great to see how technical they are when playing- one thing that I missed down at EP. The drummer has a great style of being ferocious and yet having a bit of finesse at the same time. The looping of the different sounds of instruments and voices as well really added to the tunes- something which I don’t recall on the album. Great cover for the encore as well- I Zimbra by the Talking Heads with some great beats.

I was certainly getting into the vibe but funnily enough the crowd in Whelans was rather subdued for most of the tracks. Maybe it was too math rock for them or the changing of rhythms mid tune was too much but it was far quieter than I had expected. Had a quick chat with Niall afterwards and Flyer Girl was there and said that it was an Irish thing- she certainly had no problems getting into the vibe since she was the only one that was really getting into it during the set!

Pivot had a tour 7″ that I got as well after the gig along with one of the posters so that I can put it by the boys set of drums and hopefully inspire them a smidgen…still have to get a turntable to play the vinyl though!


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