Spy And RP Disco

October 24, 2008

Egads bloggers are a sociable bunch!!

Plenty of drink flowing at Soundcheck but unfortunately not in me…shame that I had to deal with the boys this morning since Spy was rockin! Rapture Ponies layed down some great tracks along with Songs For Swinging Children…nice indeed!

Bit hard to hold a conversation with the ears still a wee bit plugged from the gig the night before and the sound from the tunes there…so only half tuned into the conversations and missed half the craic I am sure!

Know I will forget to give a shout out to some but RP, Rick, Sinéad, National Lottie, Ben, Anthony McG, another Sinéad who I am not too sure what her blog name is and a couple of her cute friends who may or may not be bloggers were there making sure alcohol was drunk….definitely drunk!

Just in case there weren’t enough Sinéads- had a chat with the excellent Sinéad Ní Mhórdha who was in the company of the lovely Tanya Sweeney and had some great conversations with her when I could hear!  Turns out Tanya is friends with the drummer from Halfset who looked damned familiar the night before and has been missing from the blogosphere of late!

Twas a strange night for connections even before I got to Spy- met up with a new friend beforehand and it turns out she works with an old friend who I haven’t talked to in a bit.  Then just to make sure I had company in the two minute walk up the road I came across a Phantom trio of Laura Lee, Eavann and Eamonn.  I swear I will never feel lonely in this city!



  1. Good to meet you, sorry we didn’t chat though. Was a wee bit loud for chats. Next time I’ll make sure to be there for the pre-dancing-drinks 🙂

  2. I want my wallet back.


  3. Nice to meet you too. Sorry it was so brief – Im sure there will be more SC gatherings.

  4. @Sinead and Lottie- oh aye it seems like there will be more gatherings so will chat to ya both then:-) Thanks by the way Lottie for not putting up the only pic I was in!

    @Ben- thanks for the taxi money home- your credit card is maxed out though so can you get them to raise the limit? Cheers! Hmm seriously hope it wasn’t lost though!

  5. See? They never suspect the innocent bearded Southsider for the wallet theft….


  6. Haha- too true Rick- must try growing me one…especially after that Badass post!
    Kinda fits that a Bearded one would not be suspect in nicking from Mr. Hairyfish…you never suspect one of your own;-)

  7. Awesome-oh!
    Star wars is up and at them in their frame! 🙂 thank you kindly again!

  8. […] massive word up to T… I heart my gift! Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)I was at […]

  9. RP- no probs- it only took me about 6 months to get them to ya!

  10. T, you’re a ledgebag!

  11. Ohh now there is a compliment! Thanks:-)

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