M83- Vicar St Oct 08

October 26, 2008

With a busy few weeks of gigs thankfully I scored a free ticket so thanks to Aoife Mc!

Domino Set were the first band up and you will notice the lack of a link- I did look but to be honest you will have heard it before- the singer had a good voice but really nothing new and their last tune was the only decent one. Surprise choice for an electronic festival since it was all guitars and drums.

Channel One were up next and wow- what an excellent sound! Hadn’t come across them before and only listened to the few tunes they have up at their official site that morning. Very good deep and dark vibe that is well balanced between the synth, guitars and drums. Great vocals to boot and hope to see these guys again soon.

M83 were finally up and I would like to say that I enjoyed them since they do have some good tunes. However, it seemed as if they were doing everything by rote and I actually felt completely disengaged from their tunes. They could have easily been playing to an empty room and I don’t think it would have changed their performance a jot. It has been a long time since I actually felt like walking out of a gig and the only thing that kept me there was the excellent drummer. There were moments in a few songs where everything did seem to come together but the moments were fleeting and even his more popular tunes seemed to be missing something. This might be petty but what didn’t help was his ingratiating little bows at the end of each tune as if he wasn’t worthy…well he wasn’t to be honest.

So the highlights of the night were Channel One and chatting with the lovely Tayna Sweeney…who I had only met the night before…yes Dublin is small!

Just to leave the post with a good vibe…

Channel One-These Roads



  1. To be honest, the crowd was so dead, I thought that they were playing to an empty room. At the same time, I would say that any form of shoegazing music is fairly undemonstrative in any event.

    Agree on Channel One btw. They deserve a higher profile.

  2. Yeah the crowd was dead but the girls in front of me seemed to be enjoying it…not exactly dancing but ‘swaying with emphasis’. Agree with you on some shoegaze but thought M83 tunes would be better than most when played live.

    On a good note with Channel One being a Dublin band they should be around soon!

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