Hello Saferide- More Modern Short Stories From…

November 3, 2008

Anything ‘more’ from Hello Saferide is always a good thing and I have been looking forward to the new album from her since the release of the very catchy single Anna. Ms Norlin certainly has everything in trumps- vocally stunning, beautiful and humorous lyrics and…well…she is very easy on the eye to boot.

I admit that with some singers/groups that I listen to the lyrics don’t matter much to me since it is the voice/s that grab my attention- they could be singing gagagaga (as sometimes they are) and I would be hooked.   With Hello Saferide though the lyrics are so well done that it is hard not to listen- sometimes hilariously so and it is bloody difficult to keep a smile off my face- not great when you are on public transport!  As well as lyrically though, I think that on the new album her voice has more depth and the instrumentation is stronger than it was on her previous one.

So many standout tracks really- vocally Anna and Travelling With HS are the most striking and instrumentally Middleclass hits the spot. The two that will have you smiling though are X Telling Me About The Loss Of Something Dear, At Age 16 and 25 Days. Honest and straight to the point…I never thought I would be hearing about a girls first time or the lyrics ‘you stupid fuck’ being sung but damn, they are so well done it is really hard to suppress a smile!

She is on tour at the moment and is keeping a touring blog so go there and check out the stories and pics. I sincerely hopes she comes to Dublin soon- her tour listing in MySpace ends in the UK so am hoping that a Dublin date sneaks its way in there!



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