Voice On Tape

November 8, 2008

No not my voice on tape thankfully- something that I always found strange since you never sound like you think you do.  Well I certainly do not have the problem of listening to Lou’s Voice On Tape, cd, vinyl or any other format that you can think of.  Rcrd Lbl has a track of his for download- Marry You When Yr Sleeping– great voice and when the harmonies kick in it is simply sublime.

With the similarities to other artists this year like Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes I think you will be hearing more from this guy soon.  You can order his cd from a link on his MySpace which will actually bring you to his blog where there is a Paypal account you can go to-homegrown act to be sure.   YouTube below is only a fan one from a solo gig so no harmonies but it will give you an idea…

Marry You When Yr Sleeping– Live


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