Indiecater Volume 3

November 13, 2008

Another great compilation from Mr. Hugger- up to Vol. 3 and each one as strong as the last! A good variety of groups from the US and Europe and thankfully for me this time I hadn’t listened to the Irish groups too much so no distractions of thinking of their other tunes. As always the play order that he has put them in is key- while each tune is from a different band the order certainly compliments their sound.

As I have done with all the compilations to date- just a few thoughts on each track…

Sa Sevol– The Little Ones-dreamy lyrics with dark ambient undertones and good instrumentation.

Ral Partha Vogelbacher– Birthday in Beijing– nice start with the eastern instruments and good building up with the voice and music.

Ian Love– The Only Night– nice simple beats and harmonies with a good driven sound.

Bakers At Dawn– Hopeful– good toe tapping beats and a nice deep voice- guitar reverb and strings you cant ask for more!

Cats On Fire– Higher Grounds– good boppy tune with some good female vocals.

Celestial– Fragile Heart– short but one of the better ones! Lush sound predominate female harmonies and good instrumentation.

The Dying Seconds– I’ll Make The Best Weapon– scuzzy dance beats with a great vibe!

Starfucker– German Love– good sampled start and good vocals.

Ravens and Chimes– General Lafayette! You Are Not Alone– great drums and vibe!

Angel Pier– Sprites– good voice and some nice beats.

So go and get it– at 4.50 its cheaper than a vodka and will last longer!

BTW- for those of you wondering why I equate the prices of things to drink- its not because I am an alcoholic but drink is pretty bloody dear in the pubs here and you could easily spend more than cost of the gig ticket if you have more than a few!


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