Michael Knight- Youth Is Wasted On The Young

November 13, 2008

Ahh never a truer expression- one that has been sticking in my mind these days with trying to make sure I have enough energy for all the gigs!

First heard Michael Knight on Indiecater Vol.1 from mp3hugger and with absolutely loving the closing number of Dumbshow I ran to Road Records to the get their last album (I’m Not Entirely Clear How I Ended Up Like This).  So when I heard that Mr. Hugger was going to re-release their first album, Youth Is Wasted On The Young, I was looking forward to hearing their earlier tunes and they do not disappoint!

Richie Murphy’s dramatic voice is excellent as before and I think this is slightly more harmonious than their follow up with the female backing playing a bigger role.  The playing order is important as well, while each track can stand on its own it seems more like a story when played in the intended order.

So a strong start with Foals and Waves To The Shore- great harmonies in both with the latter having some great beats to boot.  Crown Of Thorns starts off some of the quieter tracks and something different in each- whistling, piano, organ and some good male harmonies as well.   The title track Youth Is Wasted On The Young actually has a different singer (Patrick Freyne) and a more alt country feel.  The ending three are back to the strong start with tunes that have a good punch; Bright Eye has Richie back showing his range, Seasons has that extra bit of boppiness and I Did It Biffs Way has an excellent start with the scuzzy guitar and rounded off with the great vocals and drums.

So head over to mp3hugger now and BUY IT for the extremely reasonable 3.50…even a split in the pub cost’s that these days!

One final note…while looking at the sleeve notes that come with the download I noticed the very familiar name of Edel Coffey…I knew she had been in a band but I didn’t realise it was Michael Knight! You can see her in the YouTube of Leaving Town below…

Leaving Town


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