Anna Ternheim- Leaving On A Mayday

November 14, 2008

Where to start with Anna Ternheim’s new album Leaving On A Mayday

What do you do with an album that doesn’t have a sleeper on it and leaves you with such a pleasant ringing in the ears? Listen to it over and over again which is what I have been doing for the last two days!

During each listen I was trying to find a standout tune and to be honest there is something about each and every track that I like- so my list of standouts would follow the tracklist to a T. Be it percussion, strings or whatever other instruments are there, each tune has something so good about it that I can’t just listen to one or two and end up listening to the whole album again. One thing that is consistently excellent on every tune is her voice- now there is a woman I would love to have whispering sweet nothings in my ear- simply superb!

The tracklist is below with a few thoughts…

What Have I Done– great boppy sound- acoustic version is good but like this better with harmonies.

Damaged Ones-great beats and stronger voice with stings.

Terrified– interesting start with percussion and strings-slower but voice superb.

Let It Rain– staccato vibe with driving keyboard beat, voice and other percussion. Excellent.

My Heart Still Beats For You– quieter with strings and heart beat bass drum- voice excellent.

No, I Don’t Remember– strings with great percussion and pacing- perfect balance and vibe.

Summer Rain– subtle guitar with great female harmonies.

Losing You– drums with driving beats and great voice- nice pace.

Off The Road– guitars with a more sorrowful and quieter sound.

Black Sunday Afternoon– subtle instrumentation with the great voice- excellent way to end!

As if these tunes weren’t enough there is also a special edition of the album with some cover versions of Sinatra tunes- not particularly a fan of his but her covers are excellent. Some of the songs are completely transformed with different instrumentation and a completely natural take on them- Come Fly With Me is particularly good. So after all my enthusing- have a listen yourself and get the album here!

There is a good video here of Anna performing Summer Rain at the front of a church- a bit too many echo’s so for a more intimate sounding version there is a video of her at The Bowery Ballroom. No harmonies as in the album version but still great…

Summer Rain

Check out the official version of the YouTube at Baeble Music where they filmed the whole set and you can catch some of her older tunes.


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