Evening Magazine

November 17, 2008

No, not a post on papers- just a MySpace request from a group called evening magazine that caught my attention.

They have a pretty good sound- atmospheric with a good high pitched male voice with subtle and varied instrumentation…nice!  Apple Eye and Eddie are quite good and some nice harmonies in 18 Wheels.

No YouTubes for the one-clickers but just the blurb below from their page…

evening magazine is a music collective from Philadelphia, USA. “Founded by ex-BC Camplight guitarist David Disbrow and recording engineer Kevin Francis, the band’s work features bold, anthemic arrangements and diverse instrumentation, making use of a large collective membership, and capitalizing on young veteran Disbrow’s considerable songwriting skills. The band uses horns to massive effect on songs like “Everyone Can Hear You” (a quiet gut-punch of a song), contrasting a plaintive, rootsy melody. Francis agrees; “It’s no surprise that there’s a Bill Conti-type spirit on that record. We grew up in Philadelphia.” A demo of their song, “Eddie”, was featured in 2007 on the vanguard Los Angeles radio station KCRW. Their debut EP, ‘The Ride Across Lake Constance’, will be available online in early Summer 2008.” – Alfred Su


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