TV On The Radio- Tripod Nov 08

November 17, 2008

Tripod seem on a roll of late with some great gigs and TV On The Radio was another one.

Met a friend for a couple of drinks before the gig so only got there halfway through the support and not sure who they were- I do know they were loud but to be honest not particularly memorable.  So by the time TV On The Radio came on stage I had another vodka down and was ready for a good vibe!

They didn’t disappoint- Tunde’s distinctive charismatic voice along with some excellent playing from the band kept a great vibe going.  I haven’t listened to their tunes in a while so I don’t remember them all but they had a good mix of them with some of my favs from the new album Shout Me Out, Dancing Choose and Love Dog.  One thing I found surprising is that there was a more post rock feel on quite a few of the tunes with Dave Sitek’s frantic strumming on the guitar- great for the vibe but sometimes overshadowed the vocals.  Of course with it being a sold out show there was some chatter on the quieter numbers but wasn’t overpowering as I have heard at a few other shows recently.

They were fairly quick to move on with each tune and didn’t particularly engage with the audience- one thing that I think that kept this from being an excellent gig.  I presume the pressure comes from the venue but the American groups seem to be taking this deadly seriously and ploughing through their set- an hour bang on for the main set and with the encore ending at 10:20.   That said the encore was quite good- Love Dog then an percussion heavy number I don’t remember the name of and a great end with Staring At The Sun.

So overall a great gig and am glad that I was able to catch them live-just a few small things could have made this excellent though!


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