November 18, 2008


Maybe its just about time and place but this film tugged at the heart strings more than I thought.

The story is fairly good and given recent events of terrorism over the last ten years not really far fetched- to a certain extent you know you are being led down a path but you follow along all the same. There are a few weak points with the love triangle but otherwise a very strong film.

As the main part of the story is dealing with the loss of a child I do think being a parent draws you in deeper- not saying it’s necessary but it’s amazing how easy the emotional attachments can be drawn on both the first scenes of the son and later with the newborn. Thankfully the story focuses on the mother and the journey that she takes after losing her son instead of just on the details of the bombing. I particularly liked how they also showed the son of the bomber and her acceptance and even sacrifice for him. One thing I did find a bit maudlin were the balloons with the pictures of the victims on it- they do actually fit into the story but it is only really at the end that it has much significance to the story.

The acting by Michelle Williams is simply superb- I didn’t actually realise this was the same actress of Dawsons Creek fame. She is excellent at showing the suffering and introspection of grief and hopefully there will be more films where she can show her range. Ewan McGregor is good but I am beginning to think that he does independent films these days just to get his jocks off! Matthew Macfadyen is effective but would have liked to see his character written with more emotion.

Good cinemtography as well- close ups were well shot and the scenes of the bombing done well. Unfortunately with a the few events over the last 7 years there is more than enough footage to compare it to.


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