The Bastard Fairies

November 18, 2008

Ok this post is more for visual titillation rather than the usual audio type.

Came across The Bastard Fairies a while back and they are probably better known for Yellow Thunder Woman than for the tunes themselves. Definitely a shapely figure that she doesn’t mind sharing with the world in some provocative pics…some quite tastefully done though and I have to admit I like the style.

If you head over their official site you can get a free download of Memento Mori which has 12 of their tunes while the version in shops has 17.  Instrumentally the songs are very good and there is something compelling about her voice even if it isn’t always in tune.  They are definitely being tongue in cheek for some of their songs but on a more serious note they also directed an award winning documentary called The Canary Effect which looks at the policies of the US government and its effects on the Native American population.

Only putting up the pics safe for work…



  1. Bastard Fairies stopped working together a while back. Enjoy MM as a real souvenir of a band who could have gone further but got lost in the quagmire of the business and bad management.

  2. Shame to hear that Gina- suppose it has got to be tough in the environment these days but I think they could have matured into something quite nice.

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