The Wackness And The Wave

November 18, 2008

Just a few thoughts on a couple of films I saw a while ago and only making it on here now…hmm just thinking if the films had been combined like the title it would make for an interesting film!

The Wackness

Funny little film- acting is superb in places but sometimes I think actually having some of that weed would have helped to enjoy the film a bit more. Josh Peck really shows some depth for an actor coming out of children’s Tv and Kingsley’s does a great job but his character does become trite after a while. Olivia Thirlby does a good job as the daughter but the character ends up being week in the end. Shame that Famke Janssen was playing more of a non-character in the film and not particularly part of the story…and the Olsen twin was the same but more annoying in the ‘look at me I can do adult’ role. The writing is quite snappy on occasions and it does have a good end with some of the character resolutions. Good cinematography overall but the sepia colour to give it the 80’s look is a tad overdone.

The Wave

Good film and while I think foreign films generally do stories better for once I think it would have been better in the Californian surroundings of the original story and not in Germany. Any story that is situated in Germany and deals with fascism is going to have connotations to the Nazi party and I think there are too many presumptions made before you even see the film.

As such the story is predictable but good acting and it is still watchable. The sort of hazing that is going on in the film is going to happen in many situations and is never a pretty outcome. On a bit of a personal note I still have a scar on my leg from an incident when I was a teenager- being an individual against the tide of the masses can do some damage!

Just as a side note…any ideas what the gormless fellow that instantly fell under the spell of The Wave was called? Yep- another feckin gormless Tim!


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