Lazy Post On Films I Have Seen In The Past Few Months

November 20, 2008

The title says it- just putting this up for memory sake since I didn’t think there was much to put on a full post. In alphabetical order and am sure I have forgotten some!

City of Ember– another kids one and good story- Irish actress Saoirse Ronan quite good and didn’t realise it was her until the end. She is damn good with accents!

The Dark Knight– story was ok but a bit all over the place, some surprises and good acting but visually a bit too dark to see all of the fast paced action.

Female Agents– good story and some good acting. A bit rosy in places and similar to Black Book for history but at least the story was told.

The Forbidden Kingdom– Good premise for the pre-teens age group and some good acting. Nothing stupendous but keeps your attention and reminds me of the Goonies for some reason.

Gomorra– grrr lost the draft of this and it should be a full post! Excellent film with multiple story lines- can be brutal but very well done and some good black humour. Strong performances by all the actors and the grittiness of the cinematography gives the film some realism.

Gone Baby Gone– great story and acting. Some good twists as the story unfolds but loses momentum halfway through when it appears story is resolved. Definitely the best choice for where the Afflecks were- Casey in front of the camera and Ben behind. Will be interesting to see what each does next.

Hancock– story was good but the carry through could have been better. Good cast but just felt that something was missing and it didn’t particularly gel.

How To Lose Friends And Alienate People– ok film with a few funny moments. Simon Pegg definitely the only real good thing about it- like Kirsten Dunst but not in this one.

Son of Rambow– enjoyable and some decent acting by the kids.

Wall-E – first 15 mins probably the best with excellent animation and only the occasional bleep and blip of sound…along with the musical number of course.

Wanted– one of my favs James McEvoy but not a particularly memorable film. Some good scenes but a bit heavy on the cgi so you feel like you have been here before.

The Warlords– Chinese epic film that probably did very well in China but I think misses some of the artistry that makes these films popular outside of China. Good acting and story but film drags and its not really that long.

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