Lykke Li- Button Factory Nov 08

November 25, 2008

Only arrived a little bit late for the gig and One Day International were already on- most venues actually seem to be sticking to some sort of time schedule these days.  So only really caught their last tune in full and it was pretty damn good- the cello was especially sweet albeit the player was hidden in the darkness behind the guitarist.  Kudos to the Button Factory for having The Postal Service on between acts- great way to build a vibe for me at least!

I had previously mentioned my reservations about Lykke Li and I have to say that they turned out to be unfounded.  A flurry of black dress, blonde hair and medallions and pure sassiness without the touch of brassiness I feared.  There was a good vibe and the crowd really seemed to be with her while being respectable at the same time.  For the size of the crowd it was great not to have the extreme amount of chatter that has been about these days- even if Lykke Li said that the audience were too quiet!

After the short non vocal intro she came out on stage with Dance Dance Dance and she definitely knows how to do that even if it seemed too rehearsed and not spontaneous.  It did help though when she had a go at the drums during the tune and the fact that the drummer was energetic since he was still standing (which he did for a fair few tunes).  She followed it up with Let It Fall and I’m Good, I’m Gone before hitting the quiet Hanging High which is still one of my favourites. There was one then that I don’t exactly remember but Little Bit and Complaint Department were then up and the crowd were certainly into those.

While she didn’t engage with the crowd too much- in fact her first interaction was with the line ‘I don’t talk much but I can dance dance dance’ she did have a little chat a bit later saying how she had been off for a week and since this was the first gig since then she felt like a baby again.

She also rather truthfully said that since she only has 5 songs that she was going to have to cover now which she did quite well with After Laughter- she does have a great voice and really can do a few different styles so its good to hear her expand beyond the way she sings on the album.  Another quiet one before Break It Up got the crowd going again and she ran off (yes actually ran!)  She returned with the quieter Time Flies and the hip-hop number Can I Kick It which was a decent way to end.

Overall I thought it was a great show and she really does have an excellent voice.  Beyond her voice though , one of the lasting memories is going to be a glimpse of Lykke Li when she sitting down on the stage for a bit during one of her numbers.  I’m not sure what somebody said in the crowd but there was such a beaming smile of pure happiness that I hope some photogropher snapped it!

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