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Sarah Russell- Kicking Up Dust

November 18, 2008

Bulletin from the lovely Sarah Russell


As a Thank You to everybody who has sent me such lovely comments and messages I am giving away a FREE song!
If you send me a message on myspace with your e mail address I will send you your FREE song.
Alternatively you can send an e mail to and just say you want your FREE Sarah Russell song.
We promise to only use your e mail address to send you news about Sarah Russell CD releases, live dates etc and we will NOT pass on your e mail address to anybody!
Love… Sarah

Best news of all is from the email they send out with the tune…

Sarah’s debut CD will be released in Jan 09 and will be available on I Tunes and on CD as mail order.  Please keep an eye on her myspace for details of releases. live dates etc.

Lovely voice so looking forward to the album!


Anaïs- Peut-être une angine

November 18, 2008

From the excellent AnaïsPremier extrait du nouvel album d’Anais ‘The Love album’…and you can stream some of the new tunes from her MySpace.

Peut-être une angine

On MySpace video as well.


Lemon Jelly

November 18, 2008

Thanks Phantom– my two boys heard this tune on Saturday and I have been plagued since!

Nice Weather For Ducks


The Bastard Fairies

November 18, 2008

Ok this post is more for visual titillation rather than the usual audio type.

Came across The Bastard Fairies a while back and they are probably better known for Yellow Thunder Woman than for the tunes themselves. Definitely a shapely figure that she doesn’t mind sharing with the world in some provocative pics…some quite tastefully done though and I have to admit I like the style.

If you head over their official site you can get a free download of Memento Mori which has 12 of their tunes while the version in shops has 17.  Instrumentally the songs are very good and there is something compelling about her voice even if it isn’t always in tune.  They are definitely being tongue in cheek for some of their songs but on a more serious note they also directed an award winning documentary called The Canary Effect which looks at the policies of the US government and its effects on the Native American population.

Only putting up the pics safe for work…


Je Suis Animal

November 18, 2008

Just a follow up on the Je Suis Animal who had the excellent tune Dominating Spot In The Room on Eardrums compilation A Good Crop. After reading the material that came with it that tune was exclusive to Eardrums so you won’t be able to find it anywhere else. Mr Eardrums has also put an interview with them over on his site so check it out!

The groups other tunes are good if lacking in the intensity they display on Dominating Spot- still a great sound but more of a twee feel.  You can download some of their tunes from NRK…being in Norwegian it took a bit of clicking but on the right hand side of the profile click on the ‘LAST NED’ button and you will get them!

Fortune Map


A Film With Me In It

November 18, 2008

A Film With Me In It

A good film that has its moments.  Funny enough premise but a bit on the contrived side since you are spoon fed almost everything at the beginning and therefore no surprises.  Some similarities to other films in Dublin dealing with with deaths in flats…Dead Somethingoranother a few years ago?  The story has good pacing for most of the film but it does lag near the end- nice ending though and a good way to tie things up.

The cast is good- Amy Huberman is the standout for me since she seems to be the most natural and doesn’t feel like she is acting.  Dylan Moran has some excellent moments but it seems like he is just being himself and not much different than some of the shows that he has been in.  Nice not to have the usual Irish faces for an Irish film but they seemed like stage actors and with the slight over-exaggeration didn’t quite have the nuances for film.   A couple of cameos from Neil Jordan and Jonathan Rhys Myers but they were only that and added nothing to the film.

I do hate to categorise a film as Irish and only compare it to other Irish films but alas this falls into that category- good for Irish film standards but compared to films from other countries it has been done better.



November 18, 2008


Maybe its just about time and place but this film tugged at the heart strings more than I thought.

The story is fairly good and given recent events of terrorism over the last ten years not really far fetched- to a certain extent you know you are being led down a path but you follow along all the same. There are a few weak points with the love triangle but otherwise a very strong film.

As the main part of the story is dealing with the loss of a child I do think being a parent draws you in deeper- not saying it’s necessary but it’s amazing how easy the emotional attachments can be drawn on both the first scenes of the son and later with the newborn. Thankfully the story focuses on the mother and the journey that she takes after losing her son instead of just on the details of the bombing. I particularly liked how they also showed the son of the bomber and her acceptance and even sacrifice for him. One thing I did find a bit maudlin were the balloons with the pictures of the victims on it- they do actually fit into the story but it is only really at the end that it has much significance to the story.

The acting by Michelle Williams is simply superb- I didn’t actually realise this was the same actress of Dawsons Creek fame. She is excellent at showing the suffering and introspection of grief and hopefully there will be more films where she can show her range. Ewan McGregor is good but I am beginning to think that he does independent films these days just to get his jocks off! Matthew Macfadyen is effective but would have liked to see his character written with more emotion.

Good cinemtography as well- close ups were well shot and the scenes of the bombing done well. Unfortunately with a the few events over the last 7 years there is more than enough footage to compare it to.


Frida Hyvönen

November 18, 2008

Frida Hyvönen has been popping up over the last while in a few different places- I first came across her with the similar artist tag in Last.Fm and she does have a great sound.   Of course anybody that reads here knows of my love for female singer songwriters that have accented English!

You can head over to Rcrd Lbl for her tune Birds and you should definitely check out her MySpace for her cover of Everybody Hurts- damn fine!  If you are the review reading type have a look at Pitchfork for the review of her latest album, Silence Is Wild.

[EDIT] Rcrd Lbl also put up a good post with an interview with her.

For the one-clickers…an impromptu song session with with Jennie Abrahamsson and Marit Bergman in the dressing room before the show in NYC.


The Wackness And The Wave

November 18, 2008

Just a few thoughts on a couple of films I saw a while ago and only making it on here now…hmm just thinking if the films had been combined like the title it would make for an interesting film!

The Wackness

Funny little film- acting is superb in places but sometimes I think actually having some of that weed would have helped to enjoy the film a bit more. Josh Peck really shows some depth for an actor coming out of children’s Tv and Kingsley’s does a great job but his character does become trite after a while. Olivia Thirlby does a good job as the daughter but the character ends up being week in the end. Shame that Famke Janssen was playing more of a non-character in the film and not particularly part of the story…and the Olsen twin was the same but more annoying in the ‘look at me I can do adult’ role. The writing is quite snappy on occasions and it does have a good end with some of the character resolutions. Good cinematography overall but the sepia colour to give it the 80’s look is a tad overdone.

The Wave

Good film and while I think foreign films generally do stories better for once I think it would have been better in the Californian surroundings of the original story and not in Germany. Any story that is situated in Germany and deals with fascism is going to have connotations to the Nazi party and I think there are too many presumptions made before you even see the film.

As such the story is predictable but good acting and it is still watchable. The sort of hazing that is going on in the film is going to happen in many situations and is never a pretty outcome. On a bit of a personal note I still have a scar on my leg from an incident when I was a teenager- being an individual against the tide of the masses can do some damage!

Just as a side note…any ideas what the gormless fellow that instantly fell under the spell of The Wave was called? Yep- another feckin gormless Tim!


Dark Room Notes at Odessa

November 17, 2008

For those of you not occupied on Nov 27 pop around to Odessa to see Dark Room Notes– last gig in Dublin for 2008 so get there if you can!