An Indiecater Christmas

December 5, 2008

What can I say- I am a Grinch this time of year with all the materialism flying around and the annoying Christmas tunes that are in every.single.bloody.shop. with some even have it blaring outside to boot!

So it takes something special to get me in the Christmas spirit this early in the season and there is no better way than with the tunes that Mr. Hugger has put together for An Indiecater Christmas.  After one listen to the compilation I can only describe the feeling in the words of Suess where ‘the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day!’

There are really some special tunes on here and from some of my favourite artists that I have been listening to this year. Nina Hynes is just sublime, Venice Is Sinking spectacular and Jape & David Kitt electrifying!  Some of the tunes you can tell from the title that they are definitely an ‘alt’ version of Christmas…Christmas in Jail and Santa Got The Spins are absolutely hilarious! As ever with the Indiecaters the order of the tracks is spot on and really gives a great album experience.

So if you are tired of the the same Christmas music tripe they drag out year after year head over to Indiecater and download this gem- you can listen to all the tunes before you buy and for €6.50 it will put some Christmas cheer in your life…and probably cheaper than the dodgy mulled wine that is going around!

As I have done with the previous compilations, just a few thoughts on each of the tracks…

The Cloud RoomMelody, Like Snow What a start- great looping and beats.
Nina HynesTwinkle Oohhhh so nice- voice cold melt ice!
Kill Krinkle Club – Songs Of Noel Great instrumentally and good harmonies.
Bill Baird – Christmas In Jail Sonorous and fits the lyrics!
Idaho – Santa Claus Is Weird Slower with simple beats.
Venice Is Sinking – The Grey Line Great tune- strings and female harmonies with some of them jingly bells.
Normandy – Merry Christmas, Blogosphere! Lots of bells and high pitched voice.
The Very Most – This Year, Christmas Came November 4th More traditional with bells kicking it off- damn boppy though with the female dadadada- good vocals as well.
Remington Super 60 – Here Comes Christmas Boppy start with male harmonies.  California sunshine singing about snow!
Jape & David Kitt – I Will Cry This Christmas Bloody great electro- simple with a great voice-excellent ending.
The Specimen – Wish It Would Snow Mostly electric- some bells with good beats and catchy.
Nonstop Everything – There Is No Santa, Little Boy Instrumental and good vibe.
My Teenage Stride – Is It Christmastime Already? More traditional with driving sleigh bells and bouncy-deep sax nice.
Dora Flood – Coastal Winter Ok- good percussion.
Loxsly – Santa Got The Spins Absolutely hilarious lyrics- good use of jingle bell rock.
Track A Tiger – Once In The Wine Ok- good start to the the wind down.
The Winks – Action Figures Slow and subtle- with some building elements at the end of the tune and good way to end the compilation.


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