Ho Ho Ohhhhh

December 22, 2008

What a month!  Moving house then nearly every night taken up with the boys, meeting friends and of course the crimbo parties!  Hogans has a bit more of my income than expected at this stage but it seems to be the place to meet this year so at least I am keeping one pub afloat in these recessionary times.

Amidst this madness I have been fitting in a few Christmas tunes when I get a chance and still a couple of days left for you to get into the spirit with these…

Head to Aquarium Drunkard for some Sufjan Stevens 2006 tunes or you can stream loads of his tunes over at Asthmatic Kitty.

Knock on over to Pitchfork for quite a few different groups tunes- an older one from Bodies of Water (O’Come O’Come Emmanuel), The Raveonettes (Come On Santa), and best of all a new video from Low for Santa’s Coming Over.

This seems to be the year for compilations galore as well- not only is there the excellent An Indiecater Christmas but some great tunes from quite a few different blogs…

Swedes Please has some rather sublime tracks on his Swedish Christmas Mix– highlights are Hello Saferide, Sally Shapiro, Shadetree, The Knife (oh yeah!), and for pure damn sweetness while singing about sadness Sofia Talvik is one to check out.

From a blog I only came across with this-  The Yellow Stereo has A Christmas Mix with some lovely eclectic tunes for your eardrums.

Last but definitely not least are a couple of groups new to me over at Rcrd Lbl- Paper Route which has some really bloody sublime Christmas tunes along with  Computer Perfection and friends which has some old tunes sung in a different light with a bundle called Romantic Air.

For those that are running around in a state trying to get the last minute bits and are being assaulted by all the usual rubbish streaming from the speakers I do hope these tunes will help clear the head and get you into the Christmas spirit!



  1. I just moved house too! Well, sort of still am. Bonus is I’ve got broadband now, I can finally follow your lubbly linkage! Can’t wait to see what yiz’ve got lined up for next year. Good luck in the new house 🙂

    • Good luck in your new place as well:-) Line up for next year is definitely a work in progress and fairly quiet for Jan-Feb but hopefully busier from March onwards! Broadband is definitely a necessity these days…hopefully the Polish guys I am sharing with will pay the Eircom bill that was overdue before I even moved in!

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