Jape- Tripod Dec 08

December 31, 2008

Oops- thought this had been published but with being me sparse around these parts lately I didn’t notice till now!

So just a few thoughts…

Only arrived for the dying seconds of The Vinny Club…and it was like he was dying with him wriggling on his back on stage…shame since he always puts on an interesting show.  I must remember that these days they are sticking to the times and that with a second support they will come on shortly after the doors.

Cap Pas Cap were pretty damn good as always- started with the older L.I.E.S. and since I don’t have a record player I don’t know their new tunes which are only out on LP!  The third song was quite good and they do have a great sound although I think that sound wise the Village was a better gig- not often I say that about The Village!  For some reason they reminded me a bit of LCD Soundsystem this time around but it could just be the length of the of the tunes.   The light show they had for the set was quite good as well.

Jape came on just after 9 and I thought that we were going to be out early…he definitely banished those thoughts with 16 tunes and he kept going up to half 10 mark.  Have to say that Jape is one of the acts that I have been very neglectful with this year- aside from the couple of tunes I heard at Electric Picnic this is the first time I have seen him live outside of his Redneck Manifesto persona.  It’s not that I didn’t want to catch him before but as he is an Irish act I will sometimes choose the international one since I will ‘eventually’ see the Irish ones…with the current gig climate I might have to re-think that mentality though.

So since I haven’t listened to his albums and only caught some of his new stuff on Phantom I am definitely not the authority on what was played (besides the Toto cover in the encore but that is just showing my age!)   He started off with a quiet one which I thought surprising as he is rather energetic on stage- the crowd was quite big when he started off which was a pleasant surprise since with all the crimbo parties and the stacks of tickets I saw at Road I thought this might be a quiet affair.    The one track I did recognize from his new material was the third one Strike Me Down which I love and has an excellent vibe and of course I Was A Man and Floating were in there as well and damn fine.

The crowd was also treated to Jape’s soppy side when he announced he was now engaged and played a special number for his bride to be…not that he had to win the audience over but you could just hear all the ahhhhhs from the girls.   Overall a great gig though and hopefully will hear more from him in 2009!


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