SDHC- The Saga Continues

January 2, 2009

Just an update on the previous techie post on using SDHC memory cards on the Thinkpad Z60M laptop (running XP) and the O2 XDA or HTC Universal (running WM5) since I now have an 8gb card that I was trying to get working with them both.

The laptop was fairly easy this time around since I had already updated the drivers for the card reader itself- just needed the Microsoft Hotfix for XP (KB934428) and the full capacity was recognized straight away.

The XDA was a bit more fun -went back to xda-developers.com and tried a couple of different cabs to no avail.  One completely removed the capacity to see any SD card whether it was HC or not but thankfully the sdhc.cab file in the last post restored it back to its normal self before I finally did find one that worked.   The Psidoc_sdhc.cab can be found here and it worked perfectly straight off- so if you have a Universal device running Windows Mobile 5 then chances are good that it will work for you.

A few people reported that it works with the 16gb SDHC cards as well so it is worth a go since it doesn’t appear to break anything as some have reported with the wifi not working after installs of different versions.  The one small issue that people are reporting with this cab is that sometimes Windows Mobile will ‘lose’ the card and it will just need to be re-inserted for it to be recognized again…not a problem for me since the card comes out nightly to swap music around.

Just remember to back up any old files you have before you go changing anything and good luck!


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