Au Revoir Simone- ELO Cover

January 7, 2009

Ok- last bulletin but what a great one from Au Revoir Simone.  Not only is their cover version of ELO good but the link they give is for a project on bands doing cover versions called Rewind 2.0 on Buffet Libre Dj’s which has some other excellent cover versions by tons of bands.  Not a link to follow if you are a one clicker since you will be there for quite some time…only hit the first page myself so quite a lot to go back for!

Here is The News

Happy New Year!We recently recorded a version of ELO’s ‘Here is The News’. The song is available as a free download as part of  Buffetlibre DJ’s REWIND 2 project. In addition to ‘Here is The News’, new and exclusive 70’s, 80’s & 90’s covers by Amiina, Good Books, Starfucker, Little Boots, Bonde Do Role and 85 more are available for download.

please check it out here…

http://www. buffetlibredjs. net/

we hope you like it!

Au Revoir Simone


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