Here We Go Magic

January 7, 2009

Now here is a great recommendation from Grizzly Bear for a group called Here We Go Magic…from the bulletin:

A new band I’m obsessing

Once I did a post on here about some music I loved and people seemed to enjoy that and well this is a new band, I figure spreading the word can only help!I just blogged about it, but rather than direct you to my blog and redirect you back to their myspace page, might as well cut out my blog as the middle man, although it’s a lovely blog and prone to do crazy things, and link you direct to their myspaceThe band is “Here we go Magic” and it’s got Luke Temple in it whom I’ve been a fan of.

Click away! http://www. myspace. com/herewegomagic

to listen to GOODNESS

nothing like a brand new band and sound to excite the new year.

Favorite songs include Fangela and Tunnelvision


[EDIT]  Head over to The Yellow Stereo to listen/download Tunnelvision.

Have to say they have some very catchy tunes and a great vibe- for the one clickers some enterprising individual has put the audio up onto YouTube- Tunnelvision is the fav of the ones you can stream…




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