Future’s Bright ’09- Button Factory Jan 09

January 13, 2009

Back in one of my fav spots for some bands that I heard last year but never managed to catch live- as Future’s Bright is highlighted as new bands I wouldn’t say they are quite new but a good lineup anway.  Not much of a crowd but from what I could tell there was not much advertisement for the gig- I actually knew of it from  MySpace bulletin but otherwise the only word I saw of it was over at Analogue.

Started with Ugly Megan who have a good sound if a bit on the twee side.  They do have something though and some of the tracks have a nice edge electric edge to them.  Might be good if they became a three piece though and had somebody on a synth…having the canned background can work for some tunes but for others it seems to be driving them instead of the other way around.  Kathi and Orlando have some good vocals and while I don’t know the names of the tracks offhand,  Shake Your Ass Bitch and something Doug or another were damn catchy.

A Lazarus Soul were up next and expected some good things from them since they had quite a bit of radio play last year on Phantom.  They didn’t disappoint although their non-radio tunes are much slower than I would have expected.  Brian Brannigan has a good voice and for Icon and The Day I Disappeared it works really well- strong and unique with tunes that are very catchy.  Otherwise though I thought the slower tunes were just not engaging and lack an edge that two tunes that had radio play have.

Grand Pocket Orchestra up very quick afterwards and talk about an edge- these guys have it in trumps!  I remember liking the tracks from their EP but it has been a while since I listened to it and couldn’t quite remember what they sounded like.  What an excellent sound- machine gun drums, xylophone, blow keyboard and lots and lots of energy!  Paddy has a great distinctive voice and while some of the tunes are on the short side the buzz they create makes up for it…it was the only time when some people (unrelated to the band) got up and danced!   Recognized Odd Socks but not many of the others so hopefully there is an LP on the way!

Other Future’s Bright nights to follow but as there isn’t a link for the promotions have a gander at the poster below…



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