Parts And Labor

January 14, 2009

Damn you Rcrd Lbl– damn you.

Late at night and nice and warm in the bed perusing the different music blogs when I listen to Nowheres Nigh by Parts and Labor and I simply have to get out of bed and dance!  Ok, I didn’t physically get out of bed by my spirit wanted to- what an infectious tune that builds and builds and just when you think it has reached the end they ramp it up another level again!

Just to make matters worse for my tired spirit I found their official site where they are streaming all the tracks in their entirety from their new album Receivers- only 8 tracks but each tune deliciously long and such a great vibe that I found it impossible not to listen to all of them.

Satellites is definitely a standout- starts with a great synth and mellow vocals which gradually build up into a blissful chaotic crescendo.  Nowheres Nigh is straight after and even feels like a continuation of the great vibe- this one just builds to such a glorious intensity that you have to move!  Another couple of standouts are Wedding In A Wasteland with some great synths again and a slightly slower rhythm which leads into Prefix Free with its hammering start and melodic vocals before it descends into delightful dissonance again.

With Receivers being their fourth album I don’t know how they have managed to be off my radar but believe they are firmly affixed now and just to make it even sweeter they will be in Dublin on the 15th of February in Crawdaddy– oh yeah!

Nowheres Nigh– tune only


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