East Hundred

January 16, 2009

Now here is  a refreshing sound!  Came across East Hundred and have to say with the dreamy vocals, some ambient electro and a great fast paced vibe that is a nice thing to have on the eardrums!

If you head over to their official site you can not only download Slow Burning Crimes from their new album Passenger but you can stream the album in its entirety!  Some great tracks there and a great start with Slow Burning Crimes followed up by Plus Minus which is quite superb.  Along The Way and Afterlove are standouts as well and really have a good shoegazer vibe.  Beril Guceri does have a damn fine voice with a nice edge even if it is a bit stretched on some of the tunes.

They are only touring around the East coast of the States at the moment…notice they will be in West Chester…from my memories of the place there isn’t much there but if you’re in the area it would be worth the trip!

Slow Burning Crimes– cutsie…better quality on Vimeo from their official site.

Via 5Acts



  1. i would drink Beryl Guceri’s bathwater…

    • While that might not be the most hygienic thing to do, I can see where you are coming from- she is definitely easy on the eye!

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