The Unfortunate Closing Of Road Records

January 16, 2009

Via Niall.

Aw bloody hell- this actually hit me this morning!  I am sorely going to miss Road Records and chatting with Dave and Julie- the friendliest music shop people I ever met.

Dave did hint at it in his Christmas mailing but it’s still a damn shame:

So that’s it for another year around here, things have changed recently for
us with the arrival of our new baby boy and hopefully in the new year we can
keep going as normal. I won’t lie about it as things are very tough in the
music industry at the moment so hopefully come January we will still be here
and going as strong as ever.

Whatever happens we would both like to thank each and every one of you for
your support over the years and if you have ever purchased music from us
then we say thank you for choosing a small independent retailer over all the
below cost online sellers out there, every little bit helps.

For the whole letter from Dave and Julie outlining their reasons go to Thrill Pier or Thumped.

I wish them the best of luck in the future and hopefully see them at a gig soon!


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