Folklore- An Indiecater Release

January 21, 2009

Always good news when I see that Mr. Hugger has put out another Indiecater release.  You can guarantee that he will find groups that are under the radar and have a good sound!  The Ghost of H.W. Beaverman is no exception and from Mr Huggers words:

Our latest digital reissue is from Athens (Georgia) band Folklore. Folklore is the side project of Elf Power’s guitarist Jimmy Hughes and ‘The Ghost of H.W. Beaverman’ was the bands debut release from 2007. We’re bringing it back to life because we think it was a tad overlooked first time round. Based around a true-life character H.W. Beaverman the album is an epic listen that takes just over 30 minutes to spin its fascinating tale. Along the way there are lots of great songs so even if Beaverman’s tale goes above your head it’ll still be bobbing.

Folklore do have a great sound and some very good tunes- a great mix of instrumental and vocal tracks that are nicely balanced for the flow of the album.  Make sure you read the back history of the album and the order of the tunes will make more sense!

Quite a few standouts and Enter The Ghost is a great instrumental start- sets the stage nicely with its atmospheric sound and The Drowning At Lake Bonaparte is another great instrumental number with horns and piano to boot.  Vocal wise I think The Vet and The Ghost have the best sound with some good harmonies.

Overall it is a great multi-instrumental album and well worth the €3.50 to download- so head over to Indiecater and get the tunes!


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