We Have Band- Crawdaddy Jan 09

January 21, 2009

A bit late with this but have been preoccupied…

Oh a cold wet night so wasn’t expecting Crawdaddy to be packed but there was a respectable crowd there.  A big group of people over in the corner that just had to be the support since they are getting younger by the day and no surprise when I saw Dublin Duck Dispensary go into the main room for their set.

I hadn’t caught them before but vaguely remember them from an Analogue compilation (The Last Bottle In The World on Peek! An earful of Irish Underground).  They do have a good sound if a bit rough around the edges and some of the intensity seems to be lost in their tunes even if they show it on stage.   I have to say that the type of microphone that the lead singer uses for the tunes works for only one or two songs before it gets annoying- it makes me wonder if it is being used more to cover the range of his voice more than for the sound.  They do have a great vibe though and I expect to be seeing them around a bit more often.

We Have Band were up next and by god they do have something!  A great 80’s vibe and dancy as hell- you would think there were twice as many people on stage for the sound they have.  A bit of an unusual setup on the stage with only a tom and bass drum along with the synth for the lead Darren and I was a bit concerned when he started off with some canned arrangement.  Those concerns quickly vanished since he certainly moves around a lot- there isn’t a second without him playing something be it the synth, drums, drum pad or cowbell.

He has a brilliant charismatic voice to boot which really ads feeling to the tunes.  Thomas and Dede’s voices are the perfect counter point so there is really a great vibe when they get going.  The only negative performance wise is one that I have mentioned before with a couple of bands- not sure if it was tiredness but with the severe look on Dede’s face for some of the gig it didn’t look like she was enjoying herself as much as the others and it can be vibe killer.

Not too sure of the track list for the gig as they have yet to release an album and I only have the tunes from various blogs- Oh! was the third tune in and You’ve Had Band was the third one from last which was followed by that excellent cover of West End Girls.  Plenty of great tunes in between and looking forward to the album when it is released.  Alas no encore and nobody selling the single at the end- from the looks of it though they arrived straight from the airport and were heading off straight afterwards.  Hopefully these guys will be doing the festival circuit this summer so will catch them again!

As an aside I asked the sound guy at the end of the set what the music was that he was playing in between and after the sets- turns out it is A.R. Raham who does a lot of soundtrack music for Bollywood films (incidentally Slumdog Millionaire as well) and he mentioned that he discovered it has the lowest sub frequency that he has came across so he uses it to test the subs.  Boppy enough tunes anyway so if I ever get a chance I will have to listen to a bit more from him.


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